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Mar 2

Out of control FFM Threesome feat. Sasha Grey

A threesome featuring Sasha Grey, one of my favorite porn stars. It’s over a half an hour long so I just skipped to the last five minutes but holy shit was it crazy. There aren’t any special toys or anything just three people fucking eachother’s brains out.

Feb 26

I’m a guy, but nothing gets me off like a good erotic story.

Especially ones geared more towards femdom. I just shot a huge load to this one. It’s tamer than the ones I usually read but god damn did it get me off.

Feb 25

Tights… Pantyhose… Whatever you want to call them… I love cumming in them!

I’m here.

On the couch.

I’m alone.

I’m horny.

I’m wearing tights, high heels.

And this lovely beauty with her big tits, curvy figure, slightly hairy pussy and tan tights with soon have my cum spurting from my cock…

Feb 24

I got really turned on by those pulsating cocks. I need to do a threesome again so I can see one cum up close…

(elizadeaths note- this is probably one of the hottest cumpliations videos i’ve ever seen.)

Feb 23

A good old fashioned masturbation flick.

Oh wait, does this one look familiar?

Little red horny hood

I’ll keep this brief!

I was on the tram heading home. A few people were on board. I heard footsteps coming from behind me and they sounded like a woman’s… Heels, definitely.

Anyway, I turned to look and just at that point the tram stopped and a girl got off wearing a red coat just covering her bum, black tights (to die for) showing the entire length of her legs and 4 inch black high heels.

She got off of the tram and without thinking, so did I!

It wasn’t my stop… My cock basically made be get off seeing those black nyloned legs and those high heels.

Anyway, I watched as this girl walked into a shop and then thought I better do something about my horniness… So here I am, wearing black tights and high heels, wanking to these nylon pics…

Angel Dark is so fucking hot, and those tits made me cum hard

Feb 21


I love wearing womens tights and high heels. It’s been a kinky fantasy and erotic turn on for many years.

Recently I got up the courage to “accidentally” let our cleaner walk in and catch me wearing these naughty things. Dressed in a very short skirt, blouse, tights and high heels, I sat at my desk working at my computer.

Our cleaner came into my room and was shocked to see me dressed like this. I pretended to be embarrassed and began making my apologies to her for catching me.

She was very nice and said it was my home and I should be able to do and wear what i please… she then commented on my legs saying they were very feminine and that she was jealous of them because they were so shapely. I even did a little twirl for her.

She then went about her business of cleaning.

As soon as my door was shut I wanked my cock and came in my tights. It was a hot, exciting and elating orgasm.

I now let her catch me all the time and she still likes looking at my legs… little does she know I always wank when she leaves my room!!